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Health Work Committee receives Bishop Attallah Hanna at Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic
HWC (Health Work Committee) conducted a meeting with his grace bishop Attallah Hanna Sabastia at Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic, which is one of HWC’s centers. The meeting was attended by Dr. Maslamani-The Administrative and Medical Director of Dunya and Dr. Ibrahim Abu Ayyash-The Director of the Department of Primary Health Care at HWC.
During the meeting the bishop was informed of the services given by HWC ever since it was established as well as the services provided by Dunya’s Clinic. Dunya’s Clinic is the one and only center in Palestine that provides diagnostic services for women’s tumors.
The bishop was briefed of the accomplishments of Dunya’s Clinic since its establishment. The bishop was also taken into a tour in the clinic to check out the rooms, the state of the art medical equipment that is used for diagnoses, and to listen to the staff explaining about the services provided for the patients.

Bishop Hanna expressed his admiration of the services provided by HWC and the distinguished role of Dunya’s clinic. He also promised to assist and support the clinic as much as possible to continue providing its services and improving them in order to be distinguished in the health and humane services provided to Palestinians regardless of the exceptional circumstances lived by Palestinians under the Israeli Occupation